Nature Writing

: Wainwright Prize

door Kris van Zeghbroeck

Nature Writing is een literaire genre-overschrijvende discipline die de natuur als onderwerp heeft en zijn roots heeft in de Britse en Amerikaanse literatuur. De Wainwright Prize helpt het aanbod dat zich toespitst op de Britse natuur en platteland te onderscheiden. Vandaar de partnership met de National Trust.

'The Wainwright Prize is a literary prize awarded annually for the best work of general outdoors, nature and UK-based travel writing. It celebrates the legacy of British guidebook writer Alfred Wainwright. The prize was established by Frances Lincoln Publishers and The Wainwright Society, in association with The National Trust and is sponsored by Thwaites Brewery, who produce a beer called Wainwright Ale. The prize was first awarded in 2014 to Hugh Thomson for his The Green Road Into The Trees: A Walk through England. The winner receives a cheque for £5,000'. (Wikipedia)

2017 Shortlist
John Lewis-Stempel: Where Poppies Blow (winner)
Madeleine Bunting: Love of Country
Simon Cooper: The Otters' Tale
John Lewis-Stempel: The Running Hare
Stephen Moss: Wild Kingdom
Christopher Somerville: The January Man
Clover Stroud: The Wild Other

2016 Shortlist
Amy Liptrot: The Outrun (winner - vert. De uitweer)
Rob Cowen: Common Ground
Robert Macfarlane: Landmarks
Michael McCarthy: The Moth Snowstorm
Katharine Norbury: The Fish Ladder
James Rebanks: The Shepherd's Life (vert. Het herdersleven)

2015 Shortlist
John Lewis-Stempel: Meadowland (winner)
Helen Macdonald: H is for Hawk (vert. De h is van havik)
Mark Cocker: Claxton: Field Notes from a Small Planet
Philip Marsden: Rising Ground: A Search for the Spirit of Place
Richard Askwith: Running Free: A Runner’s Journey Back to Nature
William Atkins: The Moor

2014 Shortlist
Hugh Thomson: The Green Road Into The Trees: A Walk through England (winner)
Charlotte Higgins: Under Another Sky
Patrick Barkham: Badgerlands     
Esther Woolfson: Field Notes from a Hidden City
Simon Armitage: Walking Home
Robert Macfarlane: The Old Ways (vert. De oude wegen)

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