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Richard Jefferies Society: ** Literary Award for Nature Writing

door Kris van Zeghbroeck

'The Richard Jefferies Society Literary Award is awarded to the author of the publication considered by the judging panel to be the most outstanding nature writing published in a given calendar year. The winning work will reflect the heritage and spirit of Jefferies’ countryside books'.

'An annual prize of £1,000 will be awarded for any length or format of writing on themes or topics broadly consistent with the work of Richard Jefferies. It must be published (not re-published) within the calendar year. First English translations of works are eligible. E-books are excluded from the award'. (

Shortlist 2021 (books published in 2020) winner announced 24/05
Benedict Macdonald en Nicholas Gates: Orchard. A Year in England’s Eden
Dara McAnulty: Diary of a Young Naturalist (Dagboek van een natuurjongen)
Michael McCarthy, Jeremy Mynott en Peter Marren: The Consolation of Nature 
*Stephen Moss: The Swallow (De zwaluw 14/05)
*Merlin Sheldrake: Entangled Life (Verweven leven)
*Patrik Svensson: The Gospel of the Eels (De lange weg naar huis)

Shortlist 2020 (books published in 2019)
Benedict MacDonald: Rebirding (Winner)
*Adele Brand: The Hidden World of the Fox  
David Barrie: Incredible Journeys
Jim Crumley: The Nature of Spring
Simon Barnes: On the Marsh 
Jeremy Purseglove: Working with Nature

Shortlist 2019 (books published in 2018)
Isabella Tree: Wilding (winner)
Mark Cocker: Our Place
Kate Bradbury: The Bumblebee Flies Anyway
*Adam Weymouth: Kings of the Yukon (Koning van de Yukon)

Shortlist 2018 (books published in 2017)
Adam Nicolson: The Seabird’s Cry (winner)
Matthew Oates: Beyond Spring
Richard Smyth: A Sweet Wild Note
Richardson Rosamond: Waiting for the Albino Dunnock
Christopher Somerville: The January Man

Shortlist 2017 (books published in 2016)
Richard Fortey: The Wood for the Trees (winner)
Jim Crumley: The Nature of Autumn
John Lewis-Stempel: The Running Hare
Ann Wroe: Six Facets of Light
Graham Hoyland: Walking Through Spring

Shortlist 2016 (books published in 2015)
John Lister-Kaye: Gods of the Morning (winner)
Rob Cowen: Common Ground
Michael McCarthy: The Moth Snowstorm 

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